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Georges Wassouf My Journey

2021  .  PG  .  Limited Series

With a career spanning almost four decades, George Wassouf’s fan base is not just limited to his hometown in Syria or the Middle East. With over 30 released albums as one of his many accomplishments, Wassouf is a staple of the Arabic music world to date.

“My Journey” is a detailed and exciting first time docuseries about Georges Wassouf’s life from start to date, giving an in depth and behind the scenes look at his personal and professional life. The highs and lows of his career, his personal life and his battle with sickness.

Producer:  Rudolf Jabre
Writer:  Georges Abboud
Director:  David Oryan
Stars:  Salim Hayek . Amer Fayad . Ferid Tevfik . Carole Abboud . Majdi Machmouchi . Elsa Zgheib

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Cast & Crew

Salim Hayek
as Wassouf

Amer Fayad
as Wassouf

Ferid Tevfik
as Wassouf

Elsa Zgheib
as Shalimar

Majdi Machmouchi
as Wadih

Carole Abboud
as Farhah