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The Goal Al Hadaf

2022  .  PG  .  Limited Series

One goal made history and elevated the play of not just the man who scored it, but the nation itself. Al Hadaf tells the story of Saeed, a young Saudi dreamer who took the path of becoming a professional footballer amidst the challenges of his entourage and the risks of his decisions.

Wondering where his passion stands and how his love for football grew out of pain, Saeed becomes the World Top Scorer and a legendary figure for every ambitious child. Through his hardest days as a teenager, while serving his military duties or when training, Saeed finds himself belonging to the game until he masters it.

Producer:  Rudolf Jabre
Director:  David Oryan
Writers:  Nour Almoujabber . Georges Hazim . Nay Azar
Starring:  Ahmad Al Kaabi . Abdallah Al Faki . Majed Al Haddad . Abir Al Qasem . Fahed Bin Abdullatif Al Souad
Guest Stars:  Awad Abdallah . Saad Al Modhesh

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Cast & Crew

Fahed Bin Abdullatif Al Saoud
as Young Saeed Al Owairan

Ahmad Al Kaabi
as Saeed Al Owairan

Abdallah Al Faki
as Adult Mashari

Majed Al Haddad
as Adult Abdelmalak

Adallah Ahmad
as Adult Nasser

Abir Al Qasem
as Refaat Al Owairan

Awad Abdallah
as Ali Al Owairan

Saad Al Modhesh
as Abou Saad